Woman Body Found In Sleeping Bag On New York City Sidewalk

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A group of New Yorkers put their hands on a person of interest in a murder case as local cops took him into custody.  This is the latest development in the case of Yazmeen Williams, whose body police recovered from inside black trash bags stuffed into a sleeping bag and left on a New York City sidewalk for trash pickup.

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Details On New York City’s Sleeping Bag Case

According to NBC New York, Yazmeen Williams’ body was in a decomposing state as it sat on East 27th Street. Police discovered Williams after receiving complaints about a suspicious package with a foul smell amid a pile of trash bags.

Cops have since ruled the 31-year-old’s death a homicide, citing a gunshot wound to the head. Surveillance footage they recovered reportedly shows an individual in an electric wheelchair pulling the sleeping bag with them, per NBC.

Fox 5 New York captured footage of police escorting the man in his 50s out of a building as enraged neighbors punched and beat him in the head and body as he lay in a stretcher. Local Pix11 reports that neighbors spotted and restrained the man until police arrived. The arrest occurred on Monday (July 8) near an area called Straus Houses. Cops and paramedics tried to keep the crowd at bay, but the blows kept coming!

Watch the video below to see the arrest.

The man’s connection to the sleeping bag case remains unclear. But Williams’ mother didn’t hold her tongue while speaking on the person of interest, outright accusing him of the murder.

“He’s disgusting… he looks like scum,” Nicole Williams said. Regarding the angry neighbors, she said, “They were angry. He…took her life away…threw my daughter in a garbage bag.”

Pix11 added that Williams said the killer “took a young beautiful girl, snuffed her out, took her life away from her. Threw my daughter in a garbage bag. The whole community was upset because she didn’t deserve that.”

This is a developing story. Charges against the person of interest have not been released.

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