Azerbaijan’s Baku Shipyard: Achieving industrial growth through innovation and sustainability

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Elshad Nuriyev, Chairman of Baku Shipyard, explains how the shipyard is driving Azerbaijan’s industrial growth and national development.


Elshad Nuriyev, Chairman of Baku Shipyard, underlines the strategic importance of the shipyard within Azerbaijan’s industrial ecosystem and its significant contribution to the country’s development. A notable example is the Khankendi vessel, built at Baku Shipyard, which played a crucial role in the subsea operations for Phase 2 of the Shah Deniz project, now a major supplier of natural gas to Europe.

Following his appointment, Nuriyev introduced three key Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to improve the yard’s operations. The first KPI focuses on advancing the production process through technology, in particular by incorporating augmented welding to increase efficiency, accuracy and safety in training. The second KPI aims to up-skill the workforce by partnering with local academic institutions such as ADA University and vocational schools to improve efficiency and skill levels.

The third KPI focuses on environmental sustainability, with initiatives including the use of bicycles for internal transport, the installation of solar panels and the maintenance of an efficient water treatment system that also benefits neighbouring factories. There is also a strong emphasis on research and development, particularly in the areas of human-ship interfaces and intelligent sensor technology.

Nuriyev emphasises the importance of teamwork in achieving these goals, praising the collective efforts of the yard’s engineers, workers and support staff. He asserts that the coordinated development of people, technology and facilities is essential to achieving the goals set and establishing Baku Shipyard as a hub of innovative engineering.

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