Breakfast revisited

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Life in the Ville by Jimmy Del Ponte

A few months ago, I did a story about Buddy’s diner which still remains closed today. I thought I’d throw it out on Facebook and do a survey on favorite breakfast spots in Somerville past and present. I asked for their favorite food at their favorite restaurant. Comments appear in quotes.

“Ball Square Cafe French toast with caramelized fruit. “

“The cream of wheat at the Neighborhood.” (A lot of readers mentioned this)

“When Kay and Chips was open, the Texas breakfast was my favorite at 1:00 a.m.”

“The breakfast special at the old Prince Diner on Broadway at Powder House Square (where Richdale’s used to be).”

“The best sausage links at Buddy’s diner, with bacon, sunny side over eggs and real sausage links not like the crappy ones at the other diner or the other place that serves Jimmy Dean precooked sausage.”

“Kay and Chips, drunk as a skunk, then chew and screw. LOL.”

“Ball Square Café’s veggie omelette, 3 servings!”

“The Golden Egg after Faces Disco.” (blast from the past!)

“Eggs Benedict home fries Renee’s Cafe from the original owner!”

“Ball Square Café, fantastic food.”

“Kellys Diner. Steak and eggs with scali bread.”

“$1.99 breakfast and Herald at Frenchys.”

I think they should move Buddy’s Diner to Davis Square.

I’ll leave you with one more breakfast spot favorites. The Waldorf was where Mike’s is now. Great food especially the pancakes.

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