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We’ve all made a silly wager here and there. Michael Douglas revealed that he and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones keep things spicy while out on the golf course. The Wall Street actor, 79, revealed that if his wife, 54, defeats him in a round of golf, she has a naughty request. The subject came up while Michael was a guest on The View on Wednesday, July 10. Co-host Alyssa Farah-Griffin asked Michael what the penalty is if he loses.

Michael gave a sly smile, and he simply answered, “Whip it out.” The actor didn’t really provide much other context of when and where Catherine asks him to do so, but he seemed amused to offer the response. “Drop the trou and whip it out,” he reiterated.

Michael also admitted that he’s adjusted his golf game as he’s gotten older, and in turn, there’s less whipping it out for him now. “I’m going to be 80 now in September, so now I play off of ladies’ tees too. So I don’t have to do that anymore,” he explained.

The ladies at the table erupted in laughter at Michael’s response, and Sara Haines couldn’t help but ask what happened when the shoe was on the other foot. “What does she have to do if she loses?” she remarked, but Whoopi Goldberg cut her off. “I don’t even want to know,” the comedian said, before wrapping up the interview.

Michael and Catherine have been married for almost 24 years, having tied the knot in November 2000. The actress is Michael’s second wife after he was married to Diandra Luker from 1977 to 1995. The couple have a son Dylan, 23, and daughter Carys, 21. Michael also has the older son Cameron Douglas, 45, from his marriage to Diandra.

Over the years, they’ve spoken about their marriage on a few occasions. Catherine shared some secrets to their long-term success in a 2022 interview with InStyle. “What we do have is a very respectful relationship, in that first of all, we’re not consumed by eacah other’s careers, and we have interests and friends that are not solely in our business,” she said.

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