Red Sox-Related Question Sparks Funny Jonathan Papelbon Story

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Don’t get on former Boston Red Sox Jonathan Papelbon‘s bad side when walking into his house.

Jarred Carrabis and Papelbon were asked Tuesday which Red Sox player they would let date their daughter on NESN’s alternate broadcast “Unobstructed Views,” but Papelbon had a different approach to answering the question.

His 15-year-old daughter recently got a boyfriend and decided to bring him over to the house to meet her dad. Papelbon said the experience of meeting the boyfriend was “horrible.”

The former Red Sox pitcher told his daughter she could not have a boyfriend until she could drive, so his wife and daughter kept the boyfriend from him.

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“He’s a great kid, he really is,” Papelbon said.

While he likes the boyfriend now, the first meeting for Papelbon was not ideal. He came into his house after gardening drenched in sweat and shirtless. When Papelbon came into the kitchen, his daughter asked if he could put a shirt on with her boyfriend next to her.

“I’m about to grill this kid,” Papelbon said about the boyfriend. “So needless to say, he walked in and did not say hello to me in my house. I said ‘Hey, you, you right there, come here.’ I said, ‘I don’t know you and you are in my house.’ So, it’s taking us awhile but we’re getting there.”

His daughter and boyfriend have been dating for eight months, so hopefully Papelbon will eventually forget about his first meeting with him.

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The fourth alternate Red Sox broadcast can be watched on July 23 with host Jared Carrabis. The broadcast will be against the Colorado Rockies with co-host Sara Perlman Mancini.

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