Who Comes Behind Tom Brady As Most All-Time Clutch NFL QB?

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There is no debating that New England Patriots legend Tom Brady is the most clutch quarterback in NFL history.

But who comes in second on that list?

George Balekji and Travis Thomas took on that assignment during the latest episode of NESN’s “Foxboro Rush” podcast. Balekji had Brady’s idol in San Francisco’s 49ers great Joe Montana behind the seven-time Super Bowl champion while Thomas made his case for the current face of the NFL.

“I have never, ever, seen anyone with the talent, this includes Tom Brady, as a Patrick Mahomes. I’ve just never seen it, and he just continues to amaze me,” Thomas said. “He’s clutch. He’s climbing up my all-time list. He’s got a long way to go to catch Tom, but damn it, my mind and my heart is open to it because I’ve never seen anything like this from this kid. That’s why he’s two on my list.”

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Balekji had Mahomes third on his list but could see why Thomas put the Kansas City Chiefs superstar right behind Brady. Mahomes is already 15-3 in the playoffs in his career and 3-1 in the Super Bowl. He had to overcome a 10-point, fourth-quarter deficit to capture his first Lombardi Trophy and then led game-winning drives in the fourth quarter and overtime to capture his second and third titles, respectively.

“We just saw it in the Super Bowl they just won,” Balekji said. “Every play they need to make, with his legs, throwing. You never have a lead that is safe if Patrick Mahomes is on the opposite side.”

You can catch all episodes of the “Foxboro Rush” podcast here.

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