Why Rafael Devers Slowly Has Become ‘Face’ Of Red Sox

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Despite Rafael Devers being a younger player in the Red Sox clubhouse, the 27-year-old has started to become a leader in Boston.

The third baseman is in his eighth season with the team after he made his MLB debut in 2017 at 20-years-old. With a World Series ring, three All-Star honors and two Silver Sluggers under his belt, Devers has veteran experience in the MLB.

Devers, though, does not like to be referred to as “the face” of the Red Sox, even when manager Alex Cora likes to remind him that he believes he is.

“A thousand hits in his career. He’s been a Silver Slugger. He hates it, but I do believe he’s the face of the franchise,” Cora said in a video on X when announcing Devers to the All-Star game.

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On Wednesday, the Red Sox manager talked more about why Devers has become the face of the franchise.

Cora does not believe it’s just because of the performance and years Devers has had in Boston, but also what he has done for players behind the scenes. While he has not fully embraced the title, Devers has started to become more of a leader in the 2024 season.

“He doesn’t like me to say it out loud. But little by little, you see him acting like it,” Cora told WEEI’s “Jones & Mego With Arcand” radio show. “If you see him on day-to-day business…. he’s taking the young guys out to work on footwork, taking guys out to dinner. There’s no doubt.”

While Devers seems to be the quieter face of the Red Sox, Cora has mentioned this season how Jarren Duran has also become a leader within the clubhouse.

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Even though the third baseman hates to be called the face of the franchise, it’s easy to believe with all the fans wearing his jersey when walking into Fenway Park.

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