Keion Henderson Tells Woman To Hush During Sermon (WATCH)

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Pastor Keion Henderson has sparked mixed reactions after silencing a woman during a recent sermon.

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Here’s Why Pastor Keion Henderson Is Going Viral

On Sunday, May 5, Pastor Henderson’s latest sermon at The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas, premiered via YouTube. During the sermon, he largely spoke about shifting perspective on one’s challenges and trusting God’s timing.

The Shade Room apparently obtained a clip from Pastor Henderson’s recent service. The video showed the pastor during a praise and worship session with his choir on stage.

As he began to sing, viewers could hear intense screams in the background.

“Shh!” Pastor Henderson said before walking to one of his choir members.

The pastor then seemingly pointed to a person standing near the woman screaming.

“Hey, stop her,” he said, snapping his fingers. “Hush, hush. Silence in the name of Jesus.”

While working back to the front of the stage, the pastor explained his actions.

“The only voice I want heard is his,” he said.

Watch the clip below.

TSR Users Weigh In

Social media users shared mixed reactions to the pastor’s actions in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @iamjadanicolle wrote, People are not going to church like they used to because the pastors wanna be celebrities”

While Instagram user @realitythruyana added, Nooo she was doing to much and then interrupting other people’s praise”

Instagram user @julesjuda wrote, I hate when spiritual issues are brought to unspiritual forums. This is a world most won’t understand. Discernment is a part of worship that only those who are frequently in God’s presence can comprehend . He did nothing wrong and This is beyond instagram.”

While Instagram user @asiagolden added, If she was screaming during the basket coming around for tithes and offerings he would have let her shout as loud as she wanted. 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️”

Instagram user @thehanyoung wrote, “I’ve been a member for over a year now and she does this every single Sunday, and gets louder each week. I’m surprised no one has said anything before today.”

While Instagram user @iamcertifyde added, Don’t do my pastor‼️ and she does this EVERY SUNDAY!!!!”

Instagram user @hairartbydominique wrote, And one more thing… How you gone silence her in Jesus name when Holy Spirit may have been inside of her? This man was putting on a performance… a show…. Like most of them do!”

Tami Roman added, The Holy Spirit can’t be silenced. He felt something off & shut down.”

Social Media Continues With Reactions

Furthermore, mixed reactions continued to be shared in the pastor’s comment section on Instagram. Under his most recent Instagram post, Instagram user @ms.celina_charles wrote, “Service was good! I was disappointed at first until I realized it’s the same spirit that holler every Sunday!”

While Instagram user @melinda.mondays added, “Can I be honest? He had the right intention but the execution was mildly cold. The lady was being extremely loud and some could argue disruptive… sking an usher to see her into another room so she can scream as needed, would’ve sufficed. Snapping your fingers and telling her to hush is something you do to a dog…”

Meanwhile, under the pastor’s post from March 21 promoting a spiritual event titled “Cry Out,” Instagram users continued sharing perspectives and humorous reactions.

While Instagram user @lucky7s added, “Cry Out… just don’t cry out loud (apparently) 😂”

Instagram user @brandielovehowell wrote, “Why you do that lady like that sir you don’t know what she’s battling- this is why folks don’t go to church now save her soul not bash her.”

Shaunie Henderson Recently Shared What Attracted Her To The Pastor

Pastor Henderson’s wife, Shaunie, has yet to publicly comment on the mixed reactions to her husband’s actions. Back in March, Henderson opened up about how she knew the pastor was “the one.”

“So trust was one. I could trust you. You challenged me, and I received the challenge… that was something that I didn’t feel before,” she explained.

Additionally, the ex-wife of Shaquille O’Neal revealed what she loves most about her current marriage to Henderson.

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