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Nikki Glaser is looking back on all the OMG moments from Netflix’s The Roast of Tom Brady. While appearing on the May 7 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the comedian recalled a joke Tom Brady delivered that caught her by surprise.

“One of the moments where I went, ‘Oh, we can go there!’ [was when] he did a joke about Kim Kardashian who was there, who I thought was kind of off limits, right?” Nikki, 39, explained to Jimmy Kimmel. “She’s here. She takes enough of a beating. She’s not on the stage, but then he had a joke about, ‘Are you more scared about the jokes or the fact that your kids are with Kanye [West] right now?’”

While Nikki was quick to call it a great joke, she didn’t realize she could address younger family members.

“I didn’t even know we could really go there because I’m not going to do any jokes about his kids, especially the kiss moment that I didn’t think was weird,” she explained. “My dad kissed me on the lips as a kid well into my 20s.”

Back in 2018, Tom, 46, made headlines when he kissed his then 11-year-old son, Jack, on the lips. The moment was aired on a Facebook documentary series about Brady titled “Tom vs. Time.” (In addition to raising Jack, now 16, with ex Bridget Moynahan, Tom also shares Benjamin, 14, and Vivian, 11, with ex-wife Gisele Bündchen.)

While appearing on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show, Nikki reiterated that she thought the kiss in question wasn’t a big deal at all. She just chose not to include the joke during the live roast.

“We all collectively just decided not to involve his kids too much in anything because they didn’t ask for that, so any kind of reference to anything with that we left off the table,” Nikki told Howard Stern. “So I couldn’t say, ‘Tom, hopefully we make out at the after-party. You can pretend I’m your son.’”

Nikki Glaser
Nikki Glaser Lisa OConnorVariety via Getty Images

“My dad kissed me on the lips as a kid and throughout my adulthood, so I really related to that and never judged it anyway,” she continued, “other than I thought it was a cute moment that we all took too seriously.”

Another joke Nikki had in her back pocket — but wasn’t able to include in the roast — was a line about Tom’s good looks. Fortunately, viewers got a taste of it during her latest late-night appearance.

“[He’s] insane to look at, isn’t it? He’s unreal,” Nikki said about the BRADY designer. “One of the jokes I was going to say is he’s AI without the intelligence, but I do think he’s smart so I pulled it last minute.”

The Roast of Tom Brady is streaming now on Netflix.

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