Declaring Space for Your Dreams with The Lazy Susans

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Declaring Space for Your Dreams with The Lazy Susans

Today on the show Shannon is talking to Joanna Weiss, Heather Shaw, Leila Mitchell, Imge Ceranoglu and Martha Kennedy of mom band The Lazy Susans. Have you heard of them? Did you see them on The Kelly Clarkson Show? We are going to hear the inspiring story of how they declared space for their own dreams and made their dreams a reality during the pandemic, of course we want to hear all about meeting Kelly Clarkson, and they are letting us listen to some clips of their songs. Today’s episode is so fun and one that you do not want to miss! 

About Our Guest 

THE LAZY SUSANS are five working moms from Milton, Massachusetts who started a band in the heart of the pandemic — with no musical experience — and played their first set six months later at the 2021 Milton Porchfest. Eight months after that, they were playing original music on national TV as guests on the Kelly Clarkson Show. With influences ranging from Liz Phair to Lizzo, they’ve been writing original songs, booking gigs around the Boston area, and encouraging other newbie musicians to declare space for their dreams. More than just a mom band, they’re preparing for their first-anniversary set back where they started, at Milton Porchfest on September 17.


The Lazy Susans are:


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